By Sid Valecha

Channel your inner Barbie with these fun and creative recipes. Perfect for your next movie night or upcoming Barbie-themed party!

In a world where dolls have broken the boundaries of playtime, Barbie remains an iconic symbol of empowerment and independence. We couldn’t resist staying on top of the trend and indulged ourselves in watching the movie “Barbie,” which has caused quite a stir.

The release of Barbie has left a notable mark on society’s perception of women’s capabilities and expectations. As a trailblazer in fashion, career ambitions and self-expression, she has inspired countless individuals to embrace their uniqueness, believe in their capabilities and fearlessly create their own paths to success.

Through creative cooking adventures, we bring a little of that spirit to the kitchen, to encourage aspiring chefs and the everyday cook to discover new flavors, step out of your comfort zone and whip up some finger-licking good masterpieces.

Showcased below are a few Barbie-themed recipes we’ve rounded up. Whether you’re waiting to stream the Barbie movie at home or coordinating an upcoming Barbie-themed party, grab some friends and have a little fun making these pink delights.

So, C’mon Barbie, let’s get cooking!

Tea Sandwiches

Similar to her versatility in various roles and her ability to adapt to any occasion, these Tea Sandwiches by the Pioneer Woman, showcase the art of simplicity. With each carefully prepared layer of cucumber, smoked salmon or egg salad, you can skillfully balance flavors and textures. Infuse your gatherings with a sense of grace and sophistication, and a little simple pleasure that is easy to make.

Pink Deviled Eggs

Venture into fantasy land with these playfully Pink Deviled Eggs, courtesy the Windy City Dinner Fairy. These light pink bites embody the delightful charm Barbie brings to every aspect of her life filling it with magic and enchantment. An extra plus, these can be easily made in advance and no artificial dyes are used to make the eggs pink.


Eat Your Pink Veggies…wait, What?

Blending a little elegance and a lot of ease is important when finding a dish to captivate your guests. This Radicchio Salad with Olives and Parmesan by Platings and Pairings does just that. The beautiful colors of rich pink radicchio leaves, along with the green olives and delicious shavings of Parmesan, perfectly match Barbie’s impeccable sense of bold style and sophistication.

Hot-Pink Pasta

There is no stopping Barbie, or you, as we continue our colorful journey in the kitchen with pink pasta, also known as Beet-Colored Pasta by Serious Eats. This pasta creation reflects an artistic expression and zest for life, so serve it with whatever sauce you’re in the mood for (Cacio e Pepe, Alfredo, or Aglio e Olio).

In the mood for something a little more challenging? Try these Roasted Beet Ravioli with Ricotta by Learning How to Cook. The blend of pasta and the luxurious ricotta cheese mixture creates a perfect balance of flavors and textures, with each ravioli becoming a canvas for your culinary creativity.

With its vibrant hue, these pastas are bound to be a party show stopper.

A Lite, Pink Sweet Treat

Just like her various interests and imaginative spirit, this Strawberry Jello Pie by Desserts on A Dime adds a touch of magic to your dinner table. This dish is a testament to Barbie’s belief that life’s sweetest moments are best shared with those who bring some color and happiness to each of your journeys.

As we savor every delicious bite, Barbie continues to remind us that life should be savored and celebrated. Remember, even the simplest dishes can become extraordinary, especially when paired with a dash of creativity and a lot of love.

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